Bucks County, in Pennsylvania, is known for its many resident artists. One of these artists is Arlene Freed. A BA in Art, and her years as a graphic designer, have contributed greatly to Arlene’s unique sense of design.

Arlene uses mixed metals to add texture, color and balance to her jewelry. She distinguishes herself as a “Jewelry Artist”, not a jeweler. A jewelry artist takes more chances. “We’re freer with our designs, use of color and materials”.

Her works have won a number of awards, and can be seen at many galleries across the country, and at a number of fine art and fine craft shows.

Arlene’s work is one-of-a-kind artwear.

Along with the joy of designing jewelry, Arlene is passionate about her greyhounds. Pictured above: Arlene with one of her rescued greyhounds . . . Smurf.